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Creative Cloth Doll Making : New Approaches for Using Fibers, Beads, Dyes, and Other Exciting Techniques
Though doll making is one of the oldest forms of artistic expression, contemporary artists continue to expand the boundaries of this craft by creating exciting new work that incorporates all types of media. In this book, artists from around the world release their creative forces with glorious abandon as they take three simple doll patterns and turn them into one-of-a-kind works of art featuring hand-dyed fabrics, beads, stamping, colored pencils, and much more.

Internationally known cloth doll artist and teacher Patti Medaris Culea brings together a collection of projects ranging from simple and elegant designs by emerging artists to elaborate dolls from premiere doll designers. These artists offer easy to follow instructions, tips and special insights, along with creative variations for each of the projects.

* Three new and exciting doll patterns included--all with interchangeable parts
* Detailed instructions on creating faces
* Variation ideas from world-famous doll makers

Crafting Cloth Dolls
Create an heirloom, revisit favorite childhood memories, or just experience the joy of giving life to a few simple pieces of fabric through the art of cloth doll-making. In Crafting Cloth Dolls, both beginners and experienced doll-makers will enjoy a one-on-one lesson from Miriam Gourley, one of America's most talented and respected doll-makers. Step by step, she instructs crafters on everything they need to know to create original dolls--how to form the body, paint the face, make and style the hair, and costume the doll.

This fabulous collection of fabric dolls provides step-by-step directions for making ten exquisite creations that represent an incredible range of styles, from primitive folk art to exotic sculpted work. Patterns feature designs by top artists, including Barbara Chapman, Elise Peeples, and Brenda Gehl, and by many talented newcomers. The dolls are arranged by skill level, so you will find it easy to choose a pattern that suits your tastes and ability.

With more than one hundred glorious full-color photographs of cloth dolls--many of them award-winning creations--and detailed drawings throughout, these pages are bursting with creative inspiration for those starting their first doll or their fiftieth!

Dolls of the Art Deco Era 1910-1940
Rediscover old sentimental favorite dolls from the art deco era with respected dollmaker Susanna Oroyan. Here are flappers and vamps, co-eds and clowns, bed dolls, even accessories-more than a dozen in all-that are easy to make and embellish. Next, Oroyan offers a comprehensive history of dolls and dollmaking in the years between the World Wars and shows how to collect, repair, and restore old dolls, then create one's own art deco beauty. Filled with gorgeous full-color photography, Dolls of the Art Deco Era is a dazzling gallery of creative inspiration for collectors, crafters, and doll lovers everywhere.

Anatomy of a Doll :
 The Fabric Sculptor's Handbook

More than just a dollmaking book, Anatomy of a Doll provides a fascinating overview of the creative process that has gone into dollmaking for centuries. With nearly 300 excellent photographs of her own dolls and those of many other accomplished artists, noted doll expert Susanna Oroyan offers instructions and ideas for a tremendous variety of cloth dolls. Separate chapters are devoted to the head, the body (including hands and feet), body joints, assemblies, and finishing details. There is enough practical information on all aspects of basic techniques to help the novice dollmaker, and even experts will discover an abundance of new ideas. Everyone will marvel at the unbounded creativity reflected in these remarkable figures.

Fantastic Figures : Ideas & Techniques 
Using the New Clays
In Anatomy of a Doll master dollmaker Susanna Oroyan gave us a definitive work on cloth dollmaking. In Fantastic Figures she concentrates on unique dolls made from polymer and paper clays, especially those that combine sculpted clay with cloth bodies. Emphasizing innovation rather than imitation, she provides lengthy and detailed information on the clays themselves; on sculpting the head, hands, feet, and legs; on finishing medium and painting methods; and on constructing the body, clothes, hair, accessories, and even display stands and tableau settings. The appendix discusses doll clubs and organizations and offers advice from other doll experts. Numerous line drawings and diagrams supplement the text, but the best feature is the set of exquisite color photographs of dolls made by 60 professional doll artists, some of whose creations are almost frightening in their startling realism.

Soul Mate Dolls
Readers will learn how to turn their stumbling blocks into stepping stones through this unique approach to dollmaking. Author Noreen Crone-Findlay will show them how to open doors to creativity, healing, and wholeness by making dolls that express their feelings, desires, and ideas. By going on a mystical journey, filled with metaphor, magic, and special friends, their souls will be reshaped and restored. Readers will create dolls by various means, including sewing, knitting, embroidery, crocheting, and weaving and learn about flat dollmaking, a new approach to making sturdy, jointed paper and card stock dolls. Includes more than three dozen dolls, clothing, and accessories, complete instructions, and full-size templates.

Designing the Doll :
From Concept to Construction

An in-depth guide to doll making from concept to "imaginative engineering," this book is for every collector and artist. A gallery of all of the important "art" doll makers today-a record for collectors and inspiration for doll artists. A wide variety of construction methods, the techniques for getting proportions correct, and ideas on how to develop ideas and then construct advanced art figures or dolls are covered. 250 color photos plus over 200 drawings. 160 pages.

Cloth Dolls : How to Make Them
Makes the fine art of making cloth dolls accessible to anyone, while still challenging the talents of experienced dollmakers. Features a collection of exquisite dolls by 10 noted dollmakers, including Elinor Peace Bailey, Becky Shuttle, and Christine Shively. Each doll comes with complete patterns and instructions, plus tips on faces, hair, and embellishments.

The Complete Book of Dollmaking :
 A Practical Step-By-Step Guide to More Than
50 Traditional and Contemporary Techniques
(Watson-Guptill Crafts)

This comprehensive volume packs an incredible array of dollmaking techniques into 144 pages, ranging from naive peg dolls and starter dolls to posable character dolls and elegant, sculpted figures in elaborate clothes. Following full coverage of the basics (equipment, fabrics, stuffings, patterns, wig-making, components, and accessories) is an excellent presentation of techniques, including determining proportion; producing articulation; creating all sorts of faces, hair, and clothing; and producing dolls that utilize armatures or molds. All the dolls shown are charming and beautifully made, and all use relatively inexpensive and readily obtainable materials. At the end of the book you'll find a helpful cutting guide and a number of scale patterns.

Dollmaking With Papier MacHe and Paper Clay

Hat Making for Dolls 1855-1916

Antique Trader's Doll Makers and Marks:
A Guide to Identification

An indispensable tool for authenticating pieces and weeding out forgeries, this book is destined to become a standard reference for doll collectors and dealers. It provides a description of each manufacturer's production history, doll mold characteristics, and illustrated examples of each maker's mark.

The Art of Making Beautiful Fashion Doll Shoes :
'from Beginning to Last'

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