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Food Displays : Step-By-Step Instructions for over 40 Projects - Dolls House Do-It-Yourself
An extensive selection of step-by-step projects show how to make miniature food items from polymer clay for the 1/12th scale dolls' house. Create realistic looking food from polymer clay for the 1/12th scale dolls' house. For Tudor, Georgian, Victorian and modern-day dolls, there is simple fruit, vegetables and bread, as well as celebration food and banquets. A comprehensive step-by-step techniques section covers all the essential techniques for working polymer clay in miniature, such as shaping the clay, mixing colors, creating different textures and baking. It also details the tools and materials and how to put them to their most effective use. This information will then be used throughout the step-by-step illustrated projects. Color photographs show the finished item and presentation ideas and instruction are given, from bread baskets to whole table settings. An essential book for feeding the 1/12th scale dolls' house family.

Anatomy of a Doll : The Fabric Sculptor's Handbook
More than just a dollmaking book, Anatomy of a Doll provides a fascinating overview of the creative process that has gone into dollmaking for centuries. With nearly 300 excellent photographs of her own dolls and those of many other accomplished artists, noted doll expert Susanna Oroyan offers instructions and ideas for a tremendous variety of cloth dolls. Separate chapters are devoted to the head, the body (including hands and feet), body joints, assemblies, and finishing details. There is enough practical information on all aspects of basic techniques to help the novice dollmaker, and even experts will discover an abundance of new ideas. Everyone will marvel at the unbounded creativity reflected in these remarkable figures.

Making Miniature Gardens
An exquisite 1/12th scale garden perfectly complements any dolls’ house. “Grow” your own from inexpensive and readily available materials. Choose from a variety of realistic miniature plants that range from quick and simple models to meticulously detailed reproductions. Full plans and instructions are provided for eight projects: Trellis Arch, Walled Garden, Patio Garden Pond and Rockery, Cottage Garden, Greenhouse Garden, Kitchen Garden, and Window Boxes.

Making Doll's House Miniatures with Polymer Clay
50 delightful projects to furnish every room in your doll's house Techniques explained in detail, accompanied by clear artwork Polymer clay modeling expert shares her skills

How to Make Your Dolls' House Special: Fresh Ideas for Decorating with Style

Dollhouse Style

Creating Dolls' House: Period Style
The secret to a realistic and authentic looking period dolls' house is in the fixtures and fittings - these are both the basics and the finishing touches.

Each chapter of this book deals with a different fixture or fitting, discussing how it featured in the period home, illustrated with a beautiful fully dressed miniature room set. The chapter then goes on to feature a captioned, photographic gallery of ideas, shown in chronological order, from Tudor and Georgian through to Victorian and even Art Deco. This will assist the model maker both in selecting a model suitable for a particular dolls' house, and in styling it. A myriad of accessories to dress each feature is also illustrated in full color.

Finally, each chapter has a selection of step-by-step projects that show how to make or adapt some of the fixtures and fittings featured, including tips on achieving stunning finishes and decorative effects.

Dolls House Details: Over 500 Craft Projects in 1/12 Scale
No doll house is complete until it's been decorated and furnished in its period style--and no house becomes a home until all the finishing touches have been added. Inside, readers will find step-by-step instructions for over 350 fun, fascinating projects in 1/12 scale, including kitchenware, food, crockery, cleaning equipment, toys, board games, floral arrangements and more.

Packed with photos, easy-to-follow instructions and invaluable templates, this book will inspire all doll house owners who wish to bring their finished models to life.

Creative Dollhouses from Kits

A Beginners' Guide to The Dolls' House Hobby

Miniature Crocheting and Knitting for Dollhouses
Dover Needlework

Build Your Own Inexpensive Dollhouse With One Sheet of 4' X 8' Plywood and Home Tools

Dolls' House Furniture 
Easy-to-Make Projects in 1/12 Scale

With a little imagination, ingenuity, and these colorfully illustrated projects, anyone can learn to make personalized furniture to decorate a dolls' house! Start with basic pieces that require little more than a craft set; as confidence and skills increase, move on to more demanding work involving cabinet construction and miniature power tools. At every stage, there's an inventory of the necessary tools, equipment, and materials, plus same-size drawings, cutting lists, and color photographs of the completed furnishings. Try easy upholstered furniture; balsa tables, benches, and birdhouses; and imitation basketwork, including a laundry bin. Among the beautiful and small-sized items: a simple winged chair; picnic table; elegant double bed; wardrobe, tall kitchen dresser, and a range of magnificent Portuguese painted pieces. They're works of art!

1/12 Scale Character Figures for the Dolls' House

Dollhouse Furnishings for the Bedroom and Bath
Dover Needlework

Dollhouse Decor: Creating Soft Furnishings in 1/12 Scale

Dolls House Needlecrafts
Over 250 Projects in 1/12 Scale
The most comprehensive book of needlework and craft projects for the dolls' house from a team of acknowledged experts. Venus Dodge conceived this book as a real inspiration, full of new ideas and expert practical advice to help both beginners and experienced miniaturists. Together her team produced an impressive and comprehensive range of projects covering every aspect of dolls' house furnishing--from carpets to corsets and sofas to shopping bags.

Making Doll Furniture in Wood: 24 Projects and Plans Perfectly Sized for American Girl and Other 18" Dolls
The patterns included in this woodworking project guide are sized for 18-inch dolls such as the popular American Girl dolls and can be scaled for larger or smaller dolls. Each project includes a list of all materials needed and details the start-to-finish procedure, from preparing wood to staining and painting the piece. Patterns for 30 pieces of doll furniture are included, and five step-by-step projects for a bed, dresser, rocking chair, table, and standing mirror are featured.

Dolls' House Accessories, Fixtures & Fittings

Simple Country Furniture Projects in 1/12 Scale
Fifteen original wood-based projects introduce miniaturists to the charm of old-fashioned country furniture. All appear in the popular 1/12 scale with illustrated easy-to-follow instructions, along with background history, so doll house owners can tailor their pieces to suit a particular period or region. Because the projects are arranged in the order of difficulty, crafters will learn skills progressively and gain confidence as they go along. No special experience or expertise is required to make such traditional items as a Dough-Kneading Board, Kitchen Table, Washstand, Dowry Chest, Settle, Cradle, and Chest of Drawers. They’ll enhance any doll’s house.

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Madame Alexander Wendy Collecting Dolls with Mini Dollhouse Set
Madame Alexander Wendy Collecting Dolls with Mini Dollhouse Set

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