FM Transmitters FM Radio Transmitter Kit FM Stereo Transmitter Synthesized FM Stereo Super-Pro FM Stereo PLL FM Stereo

Offering FM Transmitters FM Radio Transmitter Kit FM Stereo Transmitter Synthesized FM Stereo Super-Pro FM Stereo PLL FM Stereo and more with easy online ordering.

5/8 Wave Collinear Vertical Antenna

At your request, we've searched for a truly professional FM Broadcast antenna, at a hobbyist price that you can afford. The search is over...The FMA-200 is the antenna of choice for the professional personal radio broadcaster!

This antenna is a true 5/8 Wave collinear vertical antenna giving you 3.4 dBi gain over the entire FM broadcast band range of 88-110 MHz! What does this mean to you? That extra "Punch" and extended range you've been looking for! Precision match tuning over the band gives you an exact match to your operating frequency, at a VSWR of less than 1.5:1. This precision match, along with the heavy duty matching coil and durable thick wall aluminum construction provides a maximum power rating of 200 watts That's right, we said 200 watts! Input connection is through a standard PL-259 connector that is sealed inside the mast support pipe. Includes mounting hardware to attach to any mast from 1" to 2 7/16". Mechanical assembly is required. If you are serious about your Personal Radio Broadcaster...this is YOUR antenna!

Ramsey FM100B FM Stereo Transmitter Kit
Our FM100B is the updated version of a truly professional frequency synthesized radio transmitter station in a handsome cabinet. It is used all over the world by serious hobbyists as well as churches, drive-in theaters, and schools. No one else offers all of these features at this price! The included frequency display and audio level meters assist in easy operation. Some additional functionality included are a line level monitor output, improved stereo separation, spectral purity, audio clarity, and adjustable RF Output. Sound quality is impressive, and equal to or better than most commercial stations. Low pass input filtering plus peak limiters put maximum "punch" in your audio, and prevent overmodulation distortion. Many find the FM100B to be the answer to their transmitting needs... you will too. The kit includes a sharp looking metal cabinet, whip antenna, and built-in 110/220 volt AC power supply. An external antenna connection allows hook-up to high performance antennas like our Tru-Match TM100 antenna. We also offer a high power export version of the FM100B that's fully assembled with one watt of RF power, for miles of program coverage. The export version can only be shipped outside the USA, or within the US if accompanied by a signed statement that the unit will be exported. Contact Ramsey directly for those models. (Note: The end user is responsible for complying with all FCC rules & regulations within the US, or any regulations of their respective governing body).

Ramsey FM100BEX Hi Power FM Stereo Transmitter Kit

FM Stereo Transmitter Kit
This easy to build (soldering skill required) kit allows you to build your own radio station! Be a DJ on any nearby FM Radio. It also has an RCA jack to connect to your CD Player or Tape Deck. Operates on one 9V battery. Complete with all parts, PC board, instructions, and a complete how to start a radio station e-book! - Output power is 100 mW. - Range with a good antenna is almost a mile! - No license required under Part 15 FCC rules.

Ramsey FM10C FM Stereo Transmitter Kit
That's right, we said STEREO! Just connect a cassette deck, CD player or mixer panel to the FM10C's line level inputs and you're on-the-air with a school, dorm, camp, home, church or neighborhood FM station! Here's a great entry-level kit that will teach the basics of FM Broadcast Transmission while finding many uses around the home or dorm room. The FM10C has plenty of power to cover your home, back yard, or city block. Our manual goes into great detail outlining all the aspects of antennas, transmitting range and the FCC rules and regulations. You'll be amazed at the exceptional audio quality of the FM10C. Tunes through the entire 88-108MHz band in three separate ranges with a tuned LC circuit. Re-broadcast your favorite music commercial free and with the dynamic range the musician intended, without all that nasty compression the big boys use to make their station sound louder than the competition. Compression produces a noticeably muddier and less dynamic sound. The unit runs on internal 9V battery, external power from 5 to 15 VDC, or an optional 120 VAC adapter (model FMAC) is also available. Includes the matching case & knob set for a professional finished look. Case size 5"W x 1 1/2"H x 5 1/4"D

FM Radio Transmitter Kit FM Stereo Transmitter Synthesized FM Stereo Super-Pro FM Stereo PLL FM Stereo Variable FM Stereo ERP System Digital FM Transmitter Synthesized FM Stereo Transmitter Kit Whip Antenna Super-Pro FM Stereo Radio Station HI-FI Stereo FM Transmitter Fully Enclosed PLL FM Stereo Transmitter Variable Power FM Stereo Transmitter Synthesized FM Stereo Transmitter Professional 35 Watt Radio Station In A Box Antennas Am Transmitters FM Power Amplifiers

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FM Transmitters FM Radio Transmitter Kit FM Stereo Transmitter Synthesized FM Stereo Super-Pro FM Stereo PLL FM Stereo