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Robosapien Robot
The Robosapien Robot is a full function fast moving robot minion suitable for all your world domination needs! Designed by a NASA scientists, the Robosapien is simple enough for kids and advanced enough for adults. Features include real, multi-speed fast dynamic walking, running and turning; fast, full function arms with two types of grippers; 67 pre-programmed functions including pick-up, throw, kick, sweep, dance, fart, belch, rap, and half a dozen kung-fu moves. Robosapien speaks fluent international "caveman". Programmable "reflexes" to touch, pickup, kicks or sound; and up to 84 program steps, with 4 program modes for advanced operations. No computer required, all functions handled by an ergonomic remote control which runs on regular batteries for over 6 hours. Includes three demonstration modes: Disco dance, Rude behavior, and Kung Fu kata. The Robosapien is like a video game character for the home!

LEGO Mindstorms Robotics Invention System 2.0
Build and program your own LEGO Robots! Contains everything you need to create thousands of robotic inventions. The key to this awesome new invention system is the revolutionary LEGO RCX, a programmable microcomputer that acts as the brain of your robotic inventions. Using your PC and the RCX, you can control the behavior of an infinite number of robotic inventions--from a light-sensitive intruder alarm to an undercover robot that can follow a trail, move around obstacles, even duck into dark corners. The set includes an RCX microcomputer; CD-ROM software; 717 LEGO pieces, including two motors, two touch sensors, and one light sensor; a Constuctopedia; 12 guided challenges, and an infrared transmitter. A PC, monitor, one 9-volt battery, and six AA batteries are required, but not included.

BugBrain Walking Robot Kit
BugBrain(TM) is a walking robot kit that both students and hobbyists will find educational and fun. Unlike most robots, BugBrain is fully programmable via serial connection to any PC (the programming cable is included). Your BugBrain can be programmed to walk, chirp, dance, sing, wink, blink, and sense things in his environment. The BugBrain remembers his program even when the batteries are removed so that you can program it with your favorite program for later use. BugBrain is a complete, walking, programmable robot kit that you assemble and program yourself--but the kit is only the beginning! The BugBrain kit includes a full-color printed manual, microprocessor, compiler, and programming instructions with sample programs. The assembled BugBrain measures 15 inches long, 5 inches high, and 10 inches wide! The BugBrain walking robot kit teaches problem solving, critical thinking skills, computer technology fundamentals, programming fundamentals, and many hands-on technical and fabrication skills. The BugBrain kit comes with all of the necessary mechanical and electronic components, a detailed full-color fabrication/instruction manual, a PC programming cable, all the necessary software, and even an AC adapter so that you don't waste batteries while testing your programs. Sample programs are also included to get you started as soon as you get your BugBrain put together. After you've tried the sample programs you can get creative and write your own. The BugBrain design also has an expansion connector so that you can add your own capabilities to your creation. Using the basic kit, let your imagination run wild with modifications, enhancements, and specializations. With the programming tools, parts, and processor provided, you decide what skills to teach your robot. With some careful design, you can even add new parts! What will your robots do? It's up to you!

BugBrain Starter Toolkit
This starter toolkit has a nice selection of basic tools, including everything needed to assemble a BugBrain kit. The kit includes: soldering iron, solder, desolder pump, cigarette lighter, 3/32 Hex key, mini phillips screwdriver, mini standard screwdriver, mini Needlenose pliers, standard pliers, 4.5" diagonal cutters, and 6.5" diagonal cutters.

Evolution Robotics ER1 Bundle
Buy it all in one easy click: The ER1-K (complete kit, just add your laptop), Gripper Arm, and Expansion Pack.

ARobot Programmable Mobile Robot Kit w/ Basic Stamp and 2 Books
If you're ready for a real programmable mobile robot then ARobot is for you. Connect ARobot to your Windows-based personal computer and begin programming using the simple but powerful PBasic Language. Learn about and use concepts such as motion control, computer programming, sensors, path planning, object avoidance, and more. The ARobot package contains the Robot, the BasicStamp II controller, a programming manual, and 'Robot Building for Dummies' booking containing dozens of great projects.


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