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Guide Book of United States Coins 2021
A Guide Book of United States Coins 2021
74th ed. Edition

The Official Red Book A Guide Book of United States Coins is 74 Years young and going strong.
Collectors around the country love the book's grade-by-grade values, auction records, historical background, detailed specifications, high-resolution photographs, and accurate mintage data. How rare are your coins? How much are they worth? The Red Book tells you, covering everything from early colonial copper tokens to hefty Old West Silver dollars and dazzling gold coins. You'll find 32,500+ prices for more than 7,600 coins, tokens, medals, sets, and other collectibles. You'll also round out your education in commemoratives, Proof and Mint coins, error coins, Civil War Tokens, Confederate coins, private gold, and all the latest National Park quarters, Presidential and Native American dollars, Lincoln cents, and more. Articles on investing, grading coins, and detecting counterfeits will make you a savvy collector; and entertaining essays on the history of American coinage, shipwrecks and hoards, and the modern rare-coin market give you an inside look at "the hobby of kings." These are just some of the features of the informative, entertaining, invaluable Red Book-the World's best-selling coin price guide
2019 North American Coins & Prices: A Guide to U.S., Canadian and Mexican Coins
2019 North American Coins & Prices:
A Guide to U.S., Canadian and Mexican Coins

With tens of thousands of individual coin listings, more than 6,500 coin images and updated coin values for the United States, Canada and Mexico, 2019 North American Coins & Prices is the ultimate single-source reference for coin coverage of North America. Organized by country, government, denomination and date of issue, this expanding reference remains a clear, detailed and easy-to-use resource for a vast array of highly collected coins. The U.S. section offers listings for early Colonial coins and tokens of the 17th and 18th centuries through Federal issues from 1791 to date. Mexico listings begin in 1701 and flow chronologically through many government changes while Canada's listings begin with its earliest unified coinage in 1858 and continue through their many 21st century commemorative issues. Inside you'll find: • Description and photos for coin issues of the United States, Canada and Mexico • Pricing in the most frequently encountered and significant grades of preservation • Historical market performance graphs for U.S. coins of note • A Grading Guide to U.S. and World Coins

Handbook of United States Coins 2021 Blue Book
Handbook of United States Coins 2021
Handbook of United States Coins Blue Book
Whitman Publishing debuted the Handbook of United States Coins in 1942 as an authoritative resource showing how much coin dealers were paying on average to buy U.S. coins by type, date, and mintmark. The groundbreaking new book was an immediate hit, popular with dealers and collectors alike. For more than 77 years coin dealers have used the OFFICIAL BLUE BOOK ‚ (as it came to be known) to make buying offers. As a collector, you can use it to find out how much your coins are worth! The Blue Book's price listings offer a real-world look at the coin market, gathered from dealers around the country. The new 78th edition includes updated prices, special features, and many new photographs. Coverage includes colonial and early American Coins, federal coins (half-cents through gold double eagles), commemoratives, Proof sets, die varieties, private and territorial gold, tokens, the newest Presidential dollars, National Park quarters, bullion coins, and other United States Mint products. More than 24,000 prices in multiple grades. Easy-to-follow coin-grading instructions. Coins and tokens from the 1600s to today. Historical information, hundreds of detailed, actual-size photos. How to start a coin collection. Detailed mintage records, and much more.

Fifty State Commemorative Quarter Folder
Deluxe Edition 1999-2008

Whitman Coin Products is proud to offer the collector a new deluxe 50-state commemorative quarter coin folder. This ten-year coin folder provides 100 coin slots, one for each Statehood Quarter from both the Philadelphia and Denver Mints, and is the only way to collect all 100 quarters in a single coin folder volume.

Information on when each Statehood quarter is released and educational state facts such as state capitals, flowers, songs, and nicknames are included in each folder.

The folders open flat for all-at-once viewing and have protective flaps that prevent the coins from touching.

The Official U.S. Mint 50 State Quarters
Complete 100 Hole Collector's Folder,
Complete Collection 1999-2008

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