Go Fatima! Fatima Robinson Learn to Dance VHS Video Tape

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Go Fatima! Fatima Robinson Learn to Dance VHS Video Tape

Go Fatima!
Learn to Dance
Fatima Robinson


Go, Fatima! is cooler than a five-dollar snow cone. In this video, Fatima Robinson--renowned choreographer for the Backstreet Boys--demonstrates the steps you've been trying to master since you saw them in her latest music video. The result is a fast-moving, 42-minute head-and-body workout. You'll want to show your friends, teach your friends, and then perform with your friends for your friends' friends. Fatima is a sinewy, commanding dancer with a serious six-pack and moves to spare. She's a smart teacher, too. With the help of some talented backup dancers, she uses a range of techniques and, best of all, makes fantastic sound effects.

Go, Fatima! breaks into three segments. Fatima teaches moves from two music videos (one with Aaliyah, one with BSB) and finishes with moves you can bust out with at dances, clubs, and parties. Fatima is playful with the other dancers and funks it up with steps such as the Raj and the Shake. Her teaching is fast paced, but she repeats each move several times, speeding it up, counting it out, and then putting it all to the music. Fatima doesn't mirror-teach her dance moves, though--when she steps right, it's your left, which is tricky. Read More...



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Go Fatima! Fatima Robinson Learn to Dance VHS Video Tape