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Dance with Me Jazz Workout

Miss Christy's Dance Class - Jazz, Tap & Ballet

Welcome to Christy Curtis's dance classes for kids. Learn along with these other students in the video lessons for tap, jazz, and ballet. Each segment is helpfully repetitive and, unlike a real class, there's always the replay button! Perfect for parents trying to gauge their youngster's interest in dance before making an investment in classes or to those who want to share the joy of dancing. 102 minutes.

Jazz: Perfect for boys and girls! The girls wear traditional leotards, but the baggy clothes that the boys wear have turned this video into a "hip hop" learning experience for all ages too! Miss Christy teaches the basic steps, a few at a time, slowly at first and progressively speeding it up for more of a challenge. In not time, your children will be DANCIN! Tap: At any age, learning to tap dance is lots of fun and great exercise, but for children ages 6 and up, it is also a wonderful way to develop coordination and balance, rhythm, speed, and to develop or improve timing, strength, and agility. Tap is the all-American form of musical theatre expression. Ballet: This program is structured just like a formal ballet class, featuring exercises at the barre, port-de-bras, center, and traveling moves. Whether learning, practicing, or just for plain fun, this is a program your future ballerina will watch over and over again because Christy makes ballet fun and easy!

At the Jazz Band Ball - Early Hot Jazz, Song and Dance

At the Jazz Band Ball brings together some of the greatest hot music, song, and dance captured at the height of the jazz age and in the early days of sound film (1925-1933). Included are some of the giants of the period in their very best early performances: Duke Ellington's Cotton Club Orchestra in clips featuring solos and a floor show, an exuberant, youthful Louis Armstrong, Harlem's "Bo Jangles" Robinson doing his famous step dance, Bessie Smith's only screen performance, a rare clip of the Boswell Sisters harmonizing on a Louis Armstrong classic, and an instrumental from the Dorsey Brothers Band with superb solos from Tommy and Jimmy. From L.A.-based Fowler Studios comes film of radio star Charlie Wellman, Tessie Maize (a featured artist at Frank Sebastian's Cotton Club) and black-faced performer Ruby Darby. Among the many other clips included is an early (1925) De Forest sound film of Ben Bernie's Orchestra in which under-appreciated reedman Jack Pettis contributes what is probably the first jazz solo on film.

Jazz A Film by Ken Burns

Diana Krall Live in Paris

Norah Jones Live in New Orleans

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Jump Into Jazz The Basics and Beyond for Jazz Dance Students
Written in an accessible, easy-to-read style, Jump into Jazz provides students with well-illustrated descriptions of all basic jazz steps and movements and valuable information on alignment, improvisation, injury prevention, nutrition and fitness, and history of jazz dance. Throughout the text, Movement Tips boxes help students with particularly challenging movements, and Precaution boxes help students utilize correct techniques and avoid injury.

Jazz Dance Class With Gus Giordano

Jazz Dance Class

Christy Lane's Jazz Dance Level 1 Beginning Video

Christy Lane's Jazz Dance Level 2 Low Intermediate

Christy Lane Jazz Dance Level 3: High Intermediate

Christy Lane's Jazz Dance Level 4: Advanced

Miss Christy's Dance Class: Jazz

At the Jazz Band Ball:
Early Hot Jazz, Song and Dance

At the Jazz Band Ball features rare, archival film clips from 1925 to 1933 that showcase a wonderful potpourri of musicians, bandleaders, singers, dancers, and entertainers that characterized the best of the Harlem Renaissance and the Jazz Age. The range of this collection represents early 20th-century Americana, from the hometown charm of the Boswell sisters performing the jazz-scat classic "Heebie Jeebies" to the Al Jolson-like antics of Charly Wellman's take on "Alabamy Snow." Of course, jazz is the heartbeat of this pre-World War II time and it's manifested in many ways. There's the classical sophistication of Paul Whiteman's orchestra rendition of "My Ohio Home" with the young trumpet pioneer Bix Beiderbecke, and the elegant and enduring Duke Ellington swinging like mad on "Old Man Blues" with baritone saxophonist Harry Carney, and an imaginative medley consisting of "The Duke Speaks Out," the evocative "Black Beauty," and Cotton Club Stomp" in which the lovely dancer Fredi Washington--and the innovative mirror shots--steal the show.

There's also the "Empress of the Blues," Bessie Smith, with her sorrow-song version of W.C. Handy's "St. Louis Blues." But Louis Armstrong, the first major jazz improviser and vocalist, is the prince of this era, as evidenced by his down-home trumpet solos, stage charisma, and gravel-like vocals on "I Cover the Waterfront," the fast and furious "Dinah" (as seen on Ken Burns's Jazz), and "Tiger Rag." Add the dapper Dorsey Bros. Band, the tap-dance wizardry of Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, and Ben Burnie's burning big band treatment of the Harlem Globetrotters' theme "Sweet Georgia Brown" and you know the exuberance and artistry of this brilliant chapter in American history.

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