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Donna's Dance Class - Country Line Dance Instruction DVD

Learn six fun country line dances: The Electric Slide, Copperhead Road, Cupid Shuffle, Boot Scootin' Boogie, Good Time, and Watermelon Crawl. The DVD is 70 minutes long and contains easy to follow step by step instructions, and then practice with the music. The split screen focuses on the footwork, making it easy to follow along. A bonus CD is included so you can dance with just the music. Great for taking to a party or just dancing around the living room.

Country Dance Lessons on Collection - Line Dance, Swing Dance, Two Step

Learn how to Country Dance with this awesome 5 disc collection. Learn to Line Dance, Learn to Country Swing Dance, and learn the Country Two Step from our five most popular DVDs combined into one collection for savings and convenience. Learn 20 line dances, plus two 30 minute bonus workouts, learn over 25 swing dance moves, turns, dips and spins, and learn the basics of the country two step. In the words of the instructor, Jared Moore, who stars in these instructional DVDs: "There is no better way to learn. When I went country dancing for the first time, there were lessons at the dance hall before the dancing kicked off. The instructor went so fast, the lessons were so short, and there were so many people. Not to mention I had two left feet. I really wanted to learn though, and private lessons were expensive and quite a distance from my house. So, I bought a DVD, and from the comfort of my home, I was able to relax and learn at my own pace. It was perfect! Then I learned lots of great things at the clubs from other good dancers and instructors, but the DVDs were such a great way for me to start. It wasn't too long before it clicked and I was able to really have some fun on the dance floor. What I didn't anticipate though, was how many people started asking me to teach them. Because I had struggled myself with learning to dance, I was able to teach in a way that was simple and easy. People loved the way I taught so much, before I knew it I was teaching at the clubs, then large groups at corporate events, and even big events and parties at the universities. From the stage I saw people struggle, just like I did. I would go as slow as I was able, with the time allowed by the event for the dance instruction, but I realized how valuable the DVD I learned from was, but it had some flaws, and it was very short. So, I set out to create instructional DVDs that could simplify the learning process, and we did some great things to make it so much easier to learn to dance from the comfort of your living room. One problem I had when learning from a DVD was pausing and rewinding when I didn't get something the first time. So in this DVD set, small sets of steps, moves, etc are all set up in the DVD as a chapter. So you can simply hit the skip back button on your remote and easily see the move, or steps again. This allows the instructors to teach at a normal pace, but for those who need more repetition they can easily skip back. The instructors also face away from, or face to the side of the cameras which makes it much easier for you to follow. There are also small segments of music, and long segments of music for you to practice to in each of the DVDs. This is by far the best way to learn to dance. Line dancing is a riot, and a great cardio workout. Country swing dancing is the simplest couples dancing you could ever hope for. The simplicity of the steps and how moves are combined makes for the easiest dancing you can ever learn, it is the perfect place to start. The Two Step is one of the funnest partner dances, and as you combine the smooth rhythm, with incredible moves it is so satisfying as a dancer to be able to move like that on the dance floor. If you really want to learn to dance, this is the way to do it!" For a full description of each DVD see the individual product listings below for the DVDs included in this set: Line Dance Lessons on DVD Vol 1 & 2 Swing Dance Lessons on DVD Vol 1 & 2 Two Step Lessons on DVD Vol 1 & 2

Country Dancing for Beginners

Country Dancing for Beginners begins with an inspiring demo of how competition-level dancers--Josh Zuniga and Alina Wilson--might style the six dances: country polka, waltz, cha-cha, two-step, East Coast swing, and West Coast swing. Then Zuniga and Wilson demonstrate the basic level of each dance with variations while Teresa Mason's voice instructs. The "beginner" designation of this video might be misleading. Although the instructors demonstrate basic steps, they move quickly through the dances: five steps, plus a routine putting it all together, of six different dances in 60 minutes. You'll have to pause the program frequently to practice. True beginners might be intimidated by the pace, and the routine at the end is more intermediate than beginning level. Country Dancing for Beginners will appeal to experienced dancers of other styles of dance who are learning country western for the first time...

Line Dancing
Wiley Hicks DVD

Christy Lane's Complete Guide to Line Dancing
VHS Christy Lane
Finally, on one video, you can learn the national versions of the 22 most popular line dances to date. These classic dances are timeless. This comprehensive guide shows you how to perform beginning, intermediate and advanced line dances o you can look good and feel confident on the dance floor! Taught by America's most popular and respected dance instructor, Christy Lane, you will learn: Electric Slide, Boot Scootin' Boogie, Tush Push, Wild Wild West, Watermelon Crawl, Elvira, Achy Breaky, Louie, Cowboy Boogie, Flying Eight, Cowboy Cha Cha, Freeze, black Velvet, Tennessee Twister, Slappin' Leather, Tumbleweed, Ghostbusters, Alley Cat, Walkin' Wazie, Cowboy Motion, Waltz Across Texas and Hip Hop. In the beginning of the video there is terminology section that will show you all the basics, like a grapevine, scoot, slide etc. to help you get started. The dances are in order of difficulty starting with the easiest dance and progressing to the most difficult dance. This is the most recent line dance video by Christy Lane, so the versions are the most current due to a national survey around the U.S. An hour long, you won't see another video with all these dances on one tape! And yes, Christy breaks it down and teaches with her back towards the camera.

Couples Dances - 2 Pack
VHS Christy Lane

Christy Lane's Couple Pattern Dancing

Christy Lane's More Hot New Line Dances

Christy Lane's Workin' Out to Country, Vol. 1

Christy Lane's Workin' Out to Country, Vol. 2

More Christy Lane Videos

Hottest Line Dances

Line Dancing : Country Way Vol.1
VHS Wiley Hicks

Line Dancing : Country Way Vol.2
VHS Wiley Hicks

Line Dancing for Seniors
VHS Grant Longley

Line Dancing for Seniors Vol. 2
VHS Jo Bridges

Line Dancing the Country Way
VHS Wiley Hicks

Tommy Tumbleweed and You Learn Texas Line-Dancing

More Country & Line Dancing Videos

Christy Lane's Complete Book of Line Dancing
Christy Lane Paperback

Nationally acclaimed dance instructor Christy Lane shows dancers at all levels how to perform favorite line dances from across the country. This comprehensive reference offers an in-depth look at all the best-known line dances. Includes easy-to-follow instructions for 55 beginning, intermediate, and advanced line dances.

Christy Lane's Line Dancing Music
Christy Lane Audio CD

Looking for music with the perfect beat for practicing line dancing? Christy Lane has selected 13 classic line dance songs and recorded them without the vocals. These instrumental versions are extended to double the length so they are perfect for calling cues over the music. You can practice your dance over and over again without stopping to reset the music. The line dances selected to accompany the listed tracks are demonstrated on Christy Lane's Complete Guide to Line Dance video.

Favorite Hits for Country Line Dancing
Various Artists Audio CD


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