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Riverdance Live From New York City

The Irish hard-shoe sensation Riverdance underwent its second incarnation with Live from New York City, a 1996 performance filmed at Radio City Music Hall. The dazzling choreography and energetic score remain, but Michael Flatley was replaced by less-flamboyant Colin Dunne, a superb technician who works well with Flatley's former co-lead, Jean Butler.

About a half-hour longer than the 1995 original, Live from New York City expands upon the second act's theme of the Irish leaving their homeland for other parts of the world. In the most engaging new number, "Trading Taps," a trio of Irish dancers faces off against two urban American tappers. While much of this show will be familiar, it's different enough to be enjoyed on its own terms. It's also more stylishly shot, but that's also its biggest drawback--frenetic editing that allows only brief glimpses of the dancers and leaves the viewer dizzy.

Michael Flatley Feet of Flames

Michael Flatley - Gold

Michael Flatley Lord of the Dance

Gaelforce Dance : The Irish Dance Spectacular

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Celtic Feet

Irish dance is the smash hit phenomenon of the nineties. Rooted in ancient Celtic tradition, its infectious rhythm and electrifying choreography have thrust it into the limelight as one of the today's hottest sensations. Now, you too can enjoy the excitement and the spirit of this spectacular, yet easy-to-learn dance. Colin Dunne, nine- time world dance champion and star of Riverdance, fills the screen with his warmth and charm, explaining clearly and concisely how to dance just like him. You'll learn firsthand why The Irish Post calls Colin "the greatest male Irish dancer of all time." Together with members of the Celtic Feet Dance Company, Colin performs superb routines that you too can dance once you've mastered the basics. Then again, you can sit back and enjoy this unique dance video filled with the dazzling tradition and special magic of the Emerald Isles.

Irish Dancing Made Easy

History of Irish Music & Dance

Feet Of Flames

An expanded and more polished version of Lord of the Dance, Feet of Flames was recorded at an outdoor performance in London's Hyde Park. While much of the material is familiar to Flatley fans, the production is superior in every way. It's better photographed and the editing is less frenetic. The individual segments are sharper, more self-assured, as is Flatley, who also produced and directed this version. (He also demonstrates his talents as a flutist--maybe he should call himself Lord of the Renaissance.) The outdoor setting also makes the show feel less like a Vegas act, though the proceedings have about as much relation to their Celtic folk roots as the Broadway musical Cats has to the T.S. Eliot children's poems on which it was based.

Michael Flatley Gold

Riverdance Live From New York City

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