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Miss Christy's Dance Class
Jazz, Tap & Ballet


Welcome to Christy Curtis's dance classes for kids. Learn along with these other students in the video lessons for tap, jazz, and ballet. Each segment is helpfully repetitive and, unlike a real class, there's always the replay button! Perfect for parents trying to gauge their youngster's interest in dance before making an investment in classes or to those who want to share the joy of dancing. 102 minutes.

Jazz: Perfect for boys and girls! The girls wear traditional leotards, but the baggy clothes that the boys wear have turned this video into a "hip hop" learning experience for all ages too! Miss Christy teaches the basic steps, a few at a time, slowly at first and progressively speeding it up for more of a challenge. In not time, your children will be DANCIN! Tap: At any age, learning to tap dance is lots of fun and great exercise, but for children ages 6 and up, it is also a wonderful way to develop coordination and balance, rhythm, speed, and to develop or improve timing, strength, and agility. Tap is the all-American form of musical theatre expression. Ballet: This program is structured just like a formal ballet class, featuring exercises at the barre, port-de-bras, center, and traveling moves. Whether learning, practicing, or just for plain fun, this is a program your future ballerina will watch over and over again because Christy makes ballet fun and easy!

I Hate to Exercise, I Love to Tap
Who hasn't had the dream of being a tap dancer? Bonnie Franklin, formerly with Donald O'Connor and a tap dancer since the age of 9, makes your dream come true--at least in your living room. Franklin is a warm, motivating and skillful teacher, and she obviously loves tap dancing. The former TV sitcom star leads you through your first steps, appropriate for the two-left-feet among us. Later sections get progressively more complex. Learn a basic tap step, then another, practice and practice, and put them together. Before long, you're dancing complete routines. The video runs 86 minutes, but Franklin suggests you stop and practice a section until you're proficient rather than trying to get through it all at once...

Dancing for Kids
(Baby Ballet / Tot Tap / Junior Jazz)


This unique DVD is a fun-filled introduction to the world of dance for kids! Specially designed for ages 4 through 6, children will learn the basics of ballet, tap, and jazz. The dances are demonstrated and explained step-by-step followed by a performance, so it's easy to dance along. The delightful music will help children remember and execute the dances. Includes three full programs: Baby Ballet, Tot Tap, and Junior Jazz.

Tap with Ginger Series (4 Hours Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels)

Tap w/Ginger Series (4 Hours Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels) + Zoot CD Swing practice music

Tap with Ginger DVD Beginner level

123 Tap with Miss Anita

Tap Dogs

More Tap Dance DVDs

I Hate to Exercise - I Love to Tap
VHS Bonnie Franklin

If you hate to exercise but want a fun way to stay in shape, then join Bonnie Franklin and begin to tap! In this challenging video for all ages, you will learn to tap at your own pace... step by step! Bonnie Franklin teaches you all of the basic steps, how to build combinations, and dance popular tap routines such as the Waltz Clog, the Soft Shoe, the Time Step, and more! So if you have always wanted a way to dance yourself into shape, then Bonnie Franklin's tap class is just what you've been waiting for! You may hate to exercise... but you'll love to tap!

Leonard Reed's Shim Sham Shimmy

Tap with Ginger Vol 1- beginner Level

Tap with Ginger Video Series-Beginner+Intermediate + Advanced levels

Tap with Ginger, Vol. 3: Advanced

Tap with Ginger Video Series beginner + intermediate + advanced Levels) + Zoot CD Swing practice music

Tap with Ginger Vol 2 Intermediate level

Tap Dancing for Beginners
VHS Henry Le Tang

Miss Christy's Dancin' Tap
VHS Miss Christy

Tot Tap

Instructor "Miss Rosemary" Boross presents an authentic first-year tap class specifically geared toward children ages 4 to 6. Miss Rosemary covers a variety of basic tap steps like shuffle, dig, heel drops, toe taps, heel taps, and cramp rolls. She carefully details and demonstrates each tap step, then incorporates the steps into simple dances rehearsed by preschool-age, beginning tap students and accompanied by original, rhythmic music by Bruce Stephen Foster. This informative, 30-minute video can be used alone or in conjunction with enrollment in a beginning tap class.

Charles Goddertz' Tap Dancing
Intermediate Routine


Charles Goddertz' Tap Dancing
Advanced Routine


More Tap Dance Videos

Tap Dance for Beginners
Music CD

The good news is nostalgia, and tap dancing has returned to take top billing. The whole world is tapping and now you don't have to be heading for Broadway of the "Big Time" to learn the basics of tap dancing. Remember how Astaire and Rogers turned every location into a dance floor? You'll be following in their footsteps as your home becomes a private studio. Starting with the basics, Mr. Audy leads you through the fundamentals of tap dancing. You will hear him say the name of the step, hear the sounds your taps should make and learn the counting of the step. By the time you complete the CD you can make up your own routine, choreograph you own one-man show- or make it a family affair! It's a party time favorite and great as group therapy. Tap dancing is fun for everyone. Whether you are a teenager or a golden- ager, you'll soon be tapping along with these clear instructions and catchy tunes. The release also includes complete tap dancing terminology and written instructions.

Tapworks :
A Tap Dictionary and reference Manual

More Tap Dance Books


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