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You Can Dance Foxtrot
Broadway dancers and ballroom champions Vicki Regan and Ron De Vito make this popular, graceful ballroom dance accessible to even the two-left-feet among us in this one-hour, gently paced, introductory video. "The Foxtrot is really just walking in time with the music," says Regan, whose skillful teaching, step-by-step pacing, and warm personality make beginners feel at ease and competent. Starting with a simple walk to the slow-slow-quick-quick rhythm, the instructors gradually and systematically introduce the basic forward-and-backward walk, movement around the floor, and leading technique--and within minutes, you're dancing. Next the instructors teach the rock turn, promenade walk, and underarm turn. After each section, you practice with the instructors to music. This is an excellent beginning video for learning the foxtrot. The sequencing, pacing, instruction, and production are all first-rate

Bring Back the Romance of Dance, Vol. 1: The Fox Trot & Swing

Ballroom Dancing for Beginners

Ballroom Dancing for Beginners will appeal to novice ballroom dancers who want an introduction to several different social dances. Instructor Teresa Mason, assisted by Randolph Scott, teaches basic patterns for six popular ballroom dances: fox-trot, cha-cha, tango, waltz, rumba, and swing. Mason sensibly begins by introducing steps that recur in many ballroom dances, such as walking step, rock step, and triple step; several dance positions; and music timing for different dances. Next you start learning specific dances. This 47-minute video is well instructed, not rushed or complex, and Mason doesn't try to pack too many moves into each dance. The black background, however, is somber and sometimes makes it difficult to see Scott's moves clearly (he's dressed in a dark suit). The music sometimes seems odd and doesn't always match the dance.

An Introduction to 6-Count Swing

Introduction to Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom Dancing Intermediate

Ballroom Dancing Advanced

Let's Dance! : The Best Of Ballroom Foxtrots & Waltzes
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