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Breakdance Step-by-Step

This DVD offers step-by-step instructions for all the foundation breakdance moves and makes it easy for beginners to get started. Each basic move is broken down into simple steps. Once you've mastered the basics, Disc 2 will show you how to perform more advanced moves.

You will be learning from master bboy instructors, Break Easy and Zulu Gremlin.

Basic Moves features detailed instructions by Break Easy for the foundation moves such as Toprock, Footwork, Spins and Freezes. Bonus features include a live Master Class taught by Zulu Gremlin, interviews with old skool legends Kid Freeze, Lucky Strike, King Uprock and more.

Power Moves features instructions for more advanced moves such as Flares, Headspins and 1990’s. Bonus features include interviews and over 4 hours battle footage from the Chico Got to Have His Share and Braggin' Rites events in New York City.

If you want to get started in breakdancing, this is the DVD you've been looking for.

Disc 1: Top Rock, Footwork, Drops, Freezes, Spins, Threading, Swipes, Tornadoes, Hand Glide, Floats, Windmills Kip Ups, Rubber Band, Broncos, Head Hollows. Plus an intro to popping and locking.

Disc 2: Stars, UFO's, Jackhammers, L-Kicks, Hollowbacks, Air Swipes, Munch Mills, Flares, Headspins, 1990s, 2000s, Trax.

You Got Served
Take It to the Streets
Dance Instructional


Groovin With the Groovaloos Vol 1
DVD Bradley Rapier

Groovin With Groovaloos: Out on the S 
DVD Bradley Rapier

Quickfix Cardio Hip Hop Workout 

Hip Hop Fuzion 

Learn to Hip Hop Volume 2

Hip Hop Shop
Hip Hop Shop's winning equation: 10 dance moves, a few cute and talented kids, three pro teachers (including the pioneering CrazyLegs of Rock Steady Crew), and one infectious philosophy: Hip hop's all about "the flavor you bring to the dance." You gotta have "flow." You also oughta have ready access to the rewind button to replay the instructions a few hundred times. While the steps are broken down to kid-friendly basics, the action can seem head-turningly complicated. The six hip-hop moves are the most accessible, while the break dancing sometimes appears comically confusing. Yet the precocious backup dancers, regular-looking kids who mirror the video's target age of 5 to 12, make all the right moves, making it seem like there's hope for even the most dance-impaired child, or parent

Bellydance Fitness for Weight Loss: Hip Drop Hip Hop

Hip Drop Hip Hop is a bellydance workout done to the driving, dance inspiring beats of Hip Hop. Rania takes you through this innovative Middle East meets West workout that fuses Hip Hop sounds with bellydance moves. As you learn actual bellydance combinations, your hips, arms, buns and tummy will thoroughly be toned and worked. You will isolate, move and work muscles you didn’t know you had. Get your workout for the day as Hip Hop music takes you away. See your weight drop as you Hip Drop! Read More...

Hip Hop For Kids

Through the Years of Hip Hop,
Vol. 1 - Graffiti


This feature tells the tale of Hip-Hop through a four-part documentary series entitled "The Architects." The story is told chronologically and right from the mouths of the greats. Learn how these young gifted pioneers contructed an industry that so many people enjoy now. Each volume will feature some of the greatest Hip-Hop videos from the past to the present in an inspiring journey of musical genre creation. Featuring full-length videos from: Run DMC - "Rock Box"; Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock - "It Takes Two"; Queen Latifah - "Ladies First"; De La Soul - "Buddy"; Special Ed - "I Got It Made"; Dana Dane - "Nightmares"; Crash Crew - "We are Known as Emcees." Read More...

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Learn to Hip Hop

'Learn to Hip-Hop' is a 20 minute video introducing kids to Hip Hop Dance. Great for parties or getting together with friends, this step-by-step instructional tape--based on the Joe's World Foundation's classes in Burbank, CA--includes a warm-up and dance combination with instruction by 11-year old Janelle Ginestra and four other kid hip-hoppers at all levels. Additional bonus routines for more advanced levels with Janelle and Shane Sparks, who has worked with Monica, Brandi, Sisqo, and many others. Learn how to do new and cool dance moves, and freestyle, beyond what you see in all those music videos! Approx. 20 mins.

Produced by Joe Patane (from MTV's 'The Real World' Miami series) and Germaine Niczewicz (devoted teacher and mom), and Directed by Jason Lively (aka 'Rusty' from National Lampoon's 'European Vacation'), a portion of the proceeds of this tape will be donated to Joe's World Foundation (joesworld.org), a nonprofit (501c3) organization that focuses on youth leadership initiatives. Read More...

Learn to Hip Hop Volume 2

MTV The Grind Workout -
Hip Hop Aerobics

Learn to Dance for Hip Hop


Hip Hop for Kids

Hip Hop For Kids is a 30 minute video introducing kids to Hip Hop Dance. Our host, Roger G, a featured dancer with Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Lionel Richie, leads our kid dancers through a fun Hip Hop workout. Learn the latest Hip Hop steps from our kid Hip Hoppers Melissa, Adia, Shani, Antoine, and Chi-Chi. Stretch, dance, work out! It's all for fun! Read More...

Hip Hop Animal Rock Workout

Culture Shock: the Hip Hop WorkOut

Hip Hop Dance

Basic Hip Hop

Hip Hop Body Shop

Hip Hop Body Shop : Twister Abs

Hip Hop Body Shop : Power Buns

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The Wu-Tang Manual

Hip Hop Files: Photographs, 1979-1984

That's the Joint! The Hip-Hop Studies Reader

Hip Hoptionary : The Dictionary of Hip Hop Terminology

The bumpin’ book for hip-hop disciples (a.k.a. fiends), songwriters, all other writers, pop culture fans, linguists, and parents who are just trying to figure out what their kids are saying.

The inventive sounds of hip-hop (which became America’s number two music genre in 2001, outselling country) have echoed far from their Bronx beginnings of twenty years ago. Making its way from Compton sidewalks to suburban malls, garnering commentary from The Wall Street Journal alongside Vibe, hip-hop by definition delivers its messages in the most creative language possible. Celebrating hip-hop’s boon to the realm of self-expression, Hip Hoptionary™ translates dozens of phrases like “marinating in the rizzi with your road dawg” (relaxing in your car with your friend), including:

• Big bodies: SUVs or luxury vehicles
• Government handle: registered birth name
• 411: the latest scoop or information
• Bling-bling: diamonds, big money, flash and cash
• Brick City: Newark, New Jersey
• 1812: war, fight (as in War of 1812)

In addition to the lexicon of idioms and beeper codes, Hip Hoptionary™ also features lists of hip-hop fashion labels, books, mixed drinks, and brief bios of America’s famous rappers, making this the ultimate guide for a Double H (hip-hop) nation.

Hip-Hop Rhyming Dictionary
With Over 40,000 words including slang and hip-hop terms, the Hip-Hop Rhyming Dictionary is the perfect resource to help you find the right rhyme-every time. The book includes helpful writing tips to inspire creative lyrics as well as a brief history of rap and the artists who sent hip-hop to the top of the charts.

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