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Men's Health The Book of Muscle
You probably know a lot about building muscle. You know which curl is the best for your biceps, you do every possible exercise for your abdominals, and your 20-set bench-press routine is the envy of everyone in the gym. So why haven't you gotten the results you want?

This book has the answer. In fact, it probably answers every question you've ever asked about how your muscles work: What makes them grow? What makes them show? Why didn't that champion bodybuilder's routine work for you?

But The Book of Muscle does more than just explain how your muscles work. It also gives you comprehensive muscle-building programs from a world-class trainer.

The Body Sculpting Bible for Men
A complete guide for men who seek the perfect physique. Men everywhere seek the winning recipe for the ideal body�just the right amount of muscle tone, washboard abs, a chiseled chest, big guns, big and broad shoulders and tight buns. Now two certified trainers have put together the ultimate men's exercise book guaranteed to create the perfect

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The Bald Truth : The First Complete Guide To Preventing And Treating Hair Loss
With the introduction of Propecia� the drug approved by the FDA for the treatment of male pattern baldness, and Rogaine� 5%, regrowth of regular or "terminal" hair -- not peach fuzz -- is finally a reality. Yet thousands of products in the $7 billion hair-loss treatment and restoration industry claim their effectiveness too. Now in The Bald Truth, consumer advocate Spencer David Kobren offers the antidote to decades of hair-raising hype. In this comprehensive, authoritative book, Kobren examines the largely unregulated baldness treatment industry and tells how, after years of research, he successfully treated his own hair loss -- and how you

Hair Loss Prevention Through Natural Remedies : A Prescription for Healthier Hair

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Developed for serious dark circles that just won't leave, Hylexin is scientifically proven to banish eye circles that make you look old and tired. Hylexin has been shown to reduce red-blue pigmentation around the eyes while protecting from further damage. Gently apply twice daily using a light circular motion, and you'll experience significant results within 30 days.

Dr. Patrick Walsh's Guide to Surviving Prostate Cancer
This year, an estimated 31,900 American men will die of prostate cancer, and more than 184,000 will be diagnosed with the disease. But now, there is earlier diagnosis and better treatment as the medical establishment makes progress towards defeating this devastating illness. This invaluable guide covers every aspect of prostate cancer, from potential causes-including diet-to tests for diagnosis, curative treatment, and innovative means of controlling advanced stages of cancer. It also addresses the sensitive issues of impotence ...

Younger Next Year
A Man's Guide to living Like 50 Until You're 80 and Beyond 
Random House Large Print

Maximize Your Vitality & Potency: For Men Over 40
A non-drug regimen helps men over 45 preserve health, strength, mental energy, and sexual function.

Making Love Again : Hope for Couples Facing Loss of Sexual Intimacy
Each year in this country, 30 million men and their partners are robbed of an essential part of their lives when they are faced with sexual dysfunction due to diabetes, prostate cancer, an injury or psychological reasons. Many desperately want advice, but are too embarrassed to broach the subject with a doctor or even with each other.

In their timely and medically recognized book, Making Love Again, Virginia and Keith Laken give hope to these individuals who, like themselves, want to "feel normal" again.

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Overcoming Male Infertility : Understanding Its Causes and Treatments

Experiencing Infertility : An Essential Resource
One of every six couples in America is experiencing infertility, a devastating crisis that affects men and women individually and as a couple. This comforting and informative book addresses the medical, financial, and emotional issues that couples must work through while resolving their infertility. Written in a question-and-answer format, this sympathetic book offers practical advice on how to contend with the emotional ups and downs of infertility-from learning how to communicate feelings more effectively to coping with the losses of failed treatments or miscarriages. Warm and practical, the book is divided into twelve chapters, grouped according to the four stages involved in resolving infertility: crisis, acceptance, resolution and epilogue. Addressing the crisis phase are chapters on communicating effectively in a crisis, viewing infertility through the eyes of a parent, coping with family and friends, dealing with stresses at work while going through medical treatment, dealing with the medical establishment, and working through loss. For the stages of acceptance and resolution the authors offer...

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