Earl Mindell Vitamin Bible Dr Earl Mindell New Herb Bible Earl Mindell Vitamins Supplements Dr. Earl Mindell Books

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Earl Mindell Vitamin Bible Dr Earl Mindell New Herb Bible Earl Mindell Vitamins Supplements Dr. Earl Mindell Books

Earl Mindell's New Vitamin Bible
Earl Mindell's New Vitamin Bible

America's #1 vitamin book--now with extensive new material and special sections. This classic guide has been completely updated to put the information you need at your fingertips so you can live a longer, healthier and better life. Discover:

How to maximize the effectiveness of your vitamins/supplements and avoid problems by taking them in the right combinations

New anti-aging vitamins and supplements that will keep your skin and body healthy and young-looking

The art of personalizing your dietary regimen to fit your lifestyle, your health profile, and even your job

Natural alternatives to hormone replacement therapy (HRT), Viagra, Prozac, and Valium

Expanded sections on nutraceuticals, homeopathy, and aromatherapy, and how to find the best practitioners in these fields

Healing regimens for heart patients, stroke victims, diabetics, and arthritis sufferers

New warnings about dangerous drug interactions and "miracle cures"

Plus! Expanded sections on herbal teas and tinctures, beauty aids, diets, salt and sugar intake, and new ways to boost your energy level, fertility, and sex life.

Earl Mindell, R. Ph., Ph.D., is the bestselling author of over a dozen books, including the Earl Mindell's Vitamin Bible. He is a registered pharmacist, a master herbalist, and a professor of nutrition at Pacific Western University in Los Angeles. He also conducts nutrition seminars around the world. He lives in Beverly Hills, California. --This text refers to the mass_market edition.

Goji: The Asian Health Secret
Goji: The Asian Health Secret, Third Edition

There are places on earth where a life span of 100-plus years is common. These people are happy, healthy, energetic and free from the diseases that plague most populations. What is their secret? And how can you get it? Earl Mindell, the world's leading nutritionist, has unleashed his astounding research on the world's most powerful anti-aging food. It's called the goji berry and it is quite possibly the most powerful and important natural health discovery ever made.

Earl Mindell's Supplement Bible
Earl Mindell's Supplement Bible: A Comprehensive Guide to Hundreds of NEW Natural Products that Will Help You Live Longer, Look Better, Stay Heathier, ... and Much More!

Burn Fat! Think Better! Enhance Your Sex Life!

Fat blockers, antioxidants, sport supplements, nutraceuticals, natural hormones, and natural antidepressants are just some of the cutting-edge products that have recently been brought to market. All can be purchased over the counter. But which ones are right for you?

Bestselling author Earl Mindell will help you negotiate the bold new world of supplements with this unique and comprehensive guidebook.

Trying to build muscle? Creatine monohydrate and HMB can help you get more out of your workout

Feeling blue? 5-HTP and Saint-John's-wort can give you a lift

Want to lose weight? Fight fat with chitosan

Looking to enhance your sexual performance? Try tribulus and ashwagandah

Not as sharp as you used to be? Phosphatidylserine can help you regain twelve years of brain power

Searching for a natural alternative to estrogen? Soyconcentrate is a rich source of plant estrogens that can help prevent cancer.

Earl Mindell's New Herb Bible
Earl Mindell's New Herb Bible

The bestselling guide to herbal remedies completely revised and expanded.
Since its original publication in 1992, Earl Mindell’s Herb Bible has become the definitive guide to the world of herbal remedies. Recognized as today’s leading trend in self-care, herbs can help you heal faster, live longer, and look better. In this completely updated edition, one of the world's foremost authorities on nutrition and natural remedies demystifies the language and lore of herbs and shows you how to choose and use herbs and herbal treatments—from the traditional favorites to those on the cutting edge.

Here is new and valuable information on how herbs can treat depression and anxiety, boost energy, improve your sex life, combat aging, prevent illness, and speed healing. Highlights include:
-Thirty new “Hot Hundred” herbs -A new section devoted specifically to anti-aging herbs
-New and completely updated information on the fastest selling herbs: St. John’s Wort, kava kava, grapeseed extract, and green tea
-Special updated chapters on “A Man’s Body” and “A Woman’s Body”

GDr. Earl Mindell's Memory Bible: Secrets of a Super Memory and Optimal Brain Health
Dr. Earl Mindell's Memory Bible: Secrets of a Super Memory and Optimal Brain Health

We are living longer than ever before. With this extended life span comes new concerns like memory issues and dementia, which can interfere with the ability to live a full, involved, and independent life. The good news is, age-related memory problems are not a natural product of aging. We can enjoy good cognitive function well into our senior years, and Dr. Earl Mindell shows us how. In Dr. Earl Mindell’s Memory Bible, he equips you with the knowledge and tools you need to stop cognitive debilitation in its tracks and to maintain a healthy memory well into your eighties and beyond. This book discusses how aging impacts cognitive function, how common medications intended to improve memory actually impact the brain, and what you can do to preserve and even improve your memory.

Dr. Earl Mindell's Probiotic Bible: Learn how healthy bacteria can help your body absorb nutrients, enhance your immune system, and prevent and treat diseases. Paperback – August 20, 2019

To the surprise of many people, several pounds of good bacteria populate our digestive tract, help us maintain normal digestion, and protect us against stomach flus, candida overgrowth, and many other types of infection. Probiotics have also proven to improve gut health symptoms and anxiety and promote GI health in physically active adults.
In this newly revised and updated concise book, internationally recognized nutrition expert, Dr. Earl Mindell explains the many health benefits of probiotics and how to use them to enhance health. This updated edition includes new research into probiotic benefits including information on how daily probiotics may reduce childrens’ needs for antibiotics, how probiotics may reduce annual antibiotic prescriptions, studies on the effects of gut microbione alterations in Alzheimer's disease and much more!

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