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Donna Richardson Joyner: Witness to Fitness : Pumped Up! Powered Up! All Things Are Possible!
Donna Richardson Joyner: Witness to Fitness : Pumped Up! Powered Up! All Things Are Possible!

Sweating in the Spirit 3 in 1 Gospel
DVD Donna Richardson
Sweating In The Spirit is an inspirational 3-in-1 workout program that includes Gospel Aerobics, strength/pilates training & stretching. The program allows the viewer to choose his/her own workout. Also includes never-before-seen live performance by great Gospel artists.

Donna Richardson's Sweating in the Spirit DVD

Sweating in the Spirit 2 With Donna Richardson-Joyner DVD

Shazzy Fitness: in The Beginning DVD Dance Workout
- Beginner, Low Impact Faith Based Home Cardio Exercise Video for All - Adults, Women, Kids, Seniors - with Christian Music

Shazzy Fitness: A Time to Dance - Dance to Christian Music
This intermediate high-energy dance fitness workout video is designed by leading faith-based fitness producers Shazzy Fitness to burn fat and calories in just 25 minutes a day through fun cardio dance moves with music that also strengthens your faith. Ideal for dance fans and dance fitness enthusiasts. This fitness DVD begins with an instructional segment, teaching you step-by-step how to do some of the most popular exercise moves included in the workout.

Donna Richardson 3 Day Rotation 2000
DVD Donna Richardson

You get three different workouts in this video. Each is 20 exercise-packed minutes long, so if you're short on time, do just one of them. They all come complete with warm-up, workout, and cool-down, but are very different. "Circuit Toning" is a muscle-endurance workout using light weights while continuing to move quickly enough to keep your heart rate up for aerobic conditioning and calorie burning. Sometimes you're doing two moves at once--squats and triceps, for example; other times you concentrate on one muscle group. (You use only one set of weights, so your large muscles won't feel these as much as the small muscles.) Instructor Donna Richardson also includes some innovative standing lower-body exercises. "Kick and Jab" gives you a taste of the popular kickbox aerobics with high-energy rounds of kickboxing alternating with punching and kicking. It's helpful if you've already taken some box-aerobics classes, because Richardson moves quickly into complicated combinations. The "Dance Party" segment is a low-impact, funk-aerobics workout, with a Latin flair and plenty of dance moves, attitude, and what Richardson...

Donna Richardson - 30 Days to
Firmer Abs & Arms

VHS Donna Richardson

"Add some spice--let me see those hips!" invites peppy instructor Donna Richardson. Burn calories with her 20-minute cardio workout, including aerobic- dance moves like step-touch, rocking horse, grapevine, and kick-ball-change, with some choreographed arm work to challenge your coordination. The aerobic routine is a combination of fast-paced, high, and low impact, with one participant demonstrating low impact at all times. It's refreshing to see a "normal" body among Richardson's two participants, rather than just impossibly perfect physiques like Richardson's own bare-navel hard body...

Donna Richardson - 30 Days To
Thinner Thighs

VHS Donna Richardson

Her 45-minute workout combines dance aerobics and lower-body toning. The 20-minute cardio section is mostly dancy and funky, with lots of hip action and a few athletic moves (such as squats, lunges, and heel jacks). The hi-lo choreography is never very difficult, and moves are repeated enough for a coordinated beginner to learn them fairly easily. One class member demonstrates low-impact moves throughout.

The 15-minute toning section is done standing, balancing on one leg with the help of a chair. Richardson teaches innovative combinations of squats, plies, lunges, leg circles, kicks, and balance moves that will make your thighs and buttocks scream...

Donna Richardson
4 Day Rotation Workout

VHS Donna Richardson

Donna Richardson : 3 Day Rotation 2000
VHS Donna Richardson

Donna Richardson : Donna-Mite
VHS Donna Richardson

 Donna Richardson - Attitude Aerobics
VHS Donna Richardson

Groove with Donna as she shows you some funky aerobic moves that will give you a great cardio workout. Then cool down with a yoga-style stretch.




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