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Ultimate Weight Solution for Teens The 7 Keys to Weight Freedom
As Jay McGraw says, The Ultimate Weight Solution for Teens is a book that will change lives. Weight issues are one of the leading causes of teen depression, and The Ultimate Weight Solution for Teens is being published at a time when weight is the top issue in so many teens' lives. Inspired by the enormous success of the #1 bestselling The Ultimate Weight Solution by Dr. Phil McGraw, Jay McGraw has written a book that deals with the specific issues teens face when it comes to weight matters. It's hard enough to be a teen, it's even harder to be an overweight teen. No one knows that better than the young people who suffer the teasing and name-calling that seem to resonate daily through their school halls. But what do you do when your friends are scarfing pizza and cheese fries and you're trying to lose weight? With this book, Jay addresses this and other problems in a way that they have never been addressed before -- in a way that actually works! Just as he did in his bestselling books Life Strategies for Teens and Closing the Gap, Jay talks directly to teens and young adults in a way to which they can relate. Jay gets it and he knows how to give it to them straight. The result is a book that can do what teens all over have been looking for -- a way to totally transform their bodies, minds, and lives...

Strength & Power for Young Athletes
It�s never too early to begin a sound strength-training program. Significant gains in muscle mass, strength, and power are possible from the age of six. And the benefits of added strength and power are apparent in the amazing athleticism displayed by young athletes in all sports.

Authors Avery Faigenbaum and Wayne Westcott provide detailed instructions for 82 free weight, body weight, machine, cord, and medicine ball exercises. Emphasizing safety and technique, the programs include stretching exercises and nutritional guidelines to prevent injuries and ensure an overall fitness base. Also included are proven training programs tailored to power, jumping, striking, and endurance sports.

Arm yourself with the tools to set up a strength-training program for your future superstar. Strength and Power for Young Athletes will improve body composition and self-esteem, and enhance sports performance, giving young people the advantage they need to excel in sports.

Yoga for Teens How to Improve Your Fitness, Confidence, Appearance, and Health-And Have Fun Doing It!

GET STRONG! Body By Jake's Guide to Building Confidence, Muscles and a Great Future for Teenage Guys

Fitness Training for Girls: A Teen Girl's Guide to Resistance Training, Cardiovascular Conditioning and Nutrition

Strength Training for Young Athletes

Strength and Weight Training for Young Athletes

Toning for Teens : The 20-Minute Workout that Makes You Look Good and Feel Great!
In the first total-body weight training book for teens, fitness guru Joyce Vedral teaches girls how to use weights to build strong, fit bodies. Targeting specific problems faced by teens-from what to eat in the cafeteria to how to stay healthy at summer camp-Vedral coaches girls through her diet and highly effective weight training workouts with her signature frankness. She discusses the body image issues which often begin in these formative years and teaches girls how to break self-sabotaging habits and establish a healthy mindset. Using her comprehensive diet, with menus included, and an exercise regimen illustrated in black and white photographs, Vedral shows adolescent girls how to use total-body weight training as the key to better health.

Fit Kids! : The Complete Shape-Up Program from Birth Through High School

The Right Moves : A Girl's Guide to Getting Fit and Feeling Good
The Right Moves to Getting Fit & Feeling Great by Tina Schwager, P.T.A., A.T.,C., and Michele Schuerger. The benefits of good nutrition and regular exercise can last a lifetime. This upbeat, positive book encourages girls to reach their full potential by developing a healthy self-image, eating right, and becoming physically fit...

Teenage Fitness : Get Fit, Look Good, and Feel Great!

Fueling the Teen Machine
Teenagers� eating habits keep fast-food restaurants flourishing but do little to keep the kids themselves in shape and healthy. Fueling the Teen Machine addresses this problem by presenting teens with the latest information on a wide range of food topics. Using a nonpreachy approach the authors, both registered dietitians, cover everything from carbohydrates and vitamins to eating disorders and vegetarianism, along with the ultimate new frontier for busy teens: cooking it yourself!

Feeling Great, Looking Hot and Loving Yourself : Health Fitness and Beauty for Teens
Jennifer Leigh Youngs, coauthor of the bestseller, Taste Berries for Teens, created this complete guidebook for every girl's teen years. Ranging the gamut from healthy eating, fitness and stress reduction, to skin and hair care, fashion, makeup and more, this book offers girls all they need to feel beautiful, inside and out. In offering helpful tips on the above, even more important, she also shows girls that it's what's on the inside that truly makes each of us beautiful...

Fit Kids!: The Complete Shape-Up Program from Birth Through High School

Trim Kids(TM)

Indoor Action Games for Elementary Children : Active Games and Academic Activities for Fun and Fitness

Fit-Kids... : Getting Kids 'Hooked' on Fitness Fun!

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